Sampling and analysis

Sampling and analysis at MRFs and waste treatment facilities is increasingly used to provide management information that can improve profitability and ensure regulatory compliance.  It can be used to assess the value of input waste streams, monitor operational performance of sorting equipment and assess the quality of outputs so as to minimise the risk of quality claims or the breaching of shipping regulations.  Verde Consulting can provide onsite support to MRFs and treatment facilities to ensure that they are maximising the operational and commercial benefits of sampling and testing.  Support can be provided in areas such as:

  • Setting up sampling and analysis systems tailored to the circumstances of individual MRFs.
  • Set up of reporting systems including management reports.
  • Training of staff in sample taking and analysis as well as with the statistical interpretation of results.

In the UK, the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 require the majority of MRFs in England and Wales to sample the quality of incoming mixed and outgoing sorted recyclables and report the results to the environmental regulator.  These regulations are sometimes referred to as the MRF Code of Practise or MRF Regulations.  Verde Consulting can provide assistance in assessing if a facility is likely to be captured by the Regulations as well as provide training to MRF staff and management on the requirements of the Regulations.